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Fun And Friendship

Club Members Maureen and Lawrence carried out a Fun and Friendship afternoon recently to raise money for much needed new bedding for the two homes for the disabled run by the Cheshire Foundation.

Over $1,000 was raised by this wonderful, fun-filled event held on the Cantrills’ lawn, large enough to accommodate two tents to shade us from the searing sun, while affording plenty of green space for a lively game of croquet.

It was, some would say, a very British feast, featuring “chip butties,” sandwiches of home-fried potatoes between buttered slices of white bread. It also boasted a table full of desserts, from scones and rhubarb crumble to strawberry pie and everything in between. Homemade red and white wine was also provided by Club Member Kelly-Anne Frendo. We were dieting all week but it was worth it!

Almost every member was there, with their families. Even Luc Frendo, the four-year-old son of Kelly-Anne and Darren, emptied his piggy bank for the cause. This kind of unselfishness was typical of the attendees and it brought Maureen near to tears as she thanked everyone for their generosity as the party drew to a close.

The Rotary Club of Montreal-Lakeshore would like to thank Maureen and Lawrence for the time and effort that went into this fun-filled event.

Camp Kinkora

The Rotary Club of Montreal-Lakeshore recently donated money to Camp Kinkora, which counts on the generosity of the greater community to keep their doors open every year.

For more information on Camp Kinkora, please click here.



District Foundation Walk

Nine members from our club took part in this year’s District Rotary Foundation Walk in Cornwall. Members from all over the district took part in this fun-filled event raising funds to assist  Rotary’s ongoing End Polio Initiative.

Here’s a photo of the nine people who represented our club in that event.

For more information on the End Polio Initiative, please click here.

Blood Donor Clinic

The Graham Martin Memorial Blood Donor Clinic took place at the Kirkland Sports Complex on 28th August. Several of our members volunteered to assist at this event.

More details and photos will be uploaded shortly.


Top Duck Seller Joe Maxwell

The Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation is known throughout the West Island for its annual Duck Race, and the Rotary Club of Montreal-Lakeshore has many members who help to sell tickets for this great event.

This year, Rotary Club Member Joe Maxwell (pictured below) was the Top Seller of Duck Race tickets. He managed to sell over 500 tickets all over the West Island, helping to make this event a huge success!

Joe Maxwell

Funds raised from this event are used to improve services and health care for the West Island community, and the Rotary Club of Montreal-Lakeshore is proud of all its members for helping to sell tickets.

For more information on the Foundation’s Annual Duck race, click here.

Ride To Conquer Cancer

Rotary Club of Montreal-Lakeshore Member Kelly-Anne Frendo recently took part in Quebec’s Ride To Conquer Cancer. Along with over 1,100 other riders, she cycled approximately 230km from Montreal’s North Shore to Quebec City in two days in a fundraising event that collectively raised $4.1 million for the Segal Cancer Centre at the Jewish General Hospital.

“I would like to express my thanks to everyone who supported me during the Ride To Conquer Cancer 2017. Thanks to friends and family from Gibraltar, Canada, UK, Spain and Singapore for helping me raise $3472, and especially to the Rotary Club of Montreal-Lakeshore for their support! 

The Ride took me 12 hours of cycling in total (approx. 230km) over two days, and was a great experience. I met many fantastic people (many of whom were cancer survivors or had lost someone to cancer) each with their own reasons for riding. It was absolutely awesome to be a part of something so worthwhile, and I hope to take part again next year.”

For more information on the Ride To Conquer Cancer, please click here.


Tony Hadley

Tony Hadley, an accomplished photographer, was our speaker in this week’s meeting. His amazing presentation consisted of no fewer than 212 slides!

“This presentation contains a small portion to tell you a little about me, then most of the slides will be about Peru and then you will have the Island of Grenada, where I think I have the most colourful images of Grenada.”

Tony’s presentation included dozens of slides depicting slices of life in the mountains of Peru, as well as many beautiful photos of the mountains, often shrouded in cloud, and one particularly lovely shot of the blue hour, before sunrise, with the mountains rising from the blue mist that filled the valleys.

After that, Tony’s photographic prowess came again to the fore, as he captured the history, the scenic splendour, the flora, fauna and the people of Grenada.


The Year Ahead

In this week’s meeting, 2017-18 President Helen Cane shared with us her ideas for the year ahead.

“A year and a half ago, when I was elected as President for 2017-18, I made a commitment to this club and I am certainly going to try to honour that commitment.”

“Our theme this year is ‘Rotary: Making a Difference,’ and I want to try and make a difference, not just to this club but to the community. I hope that as a club and as individuals we can all take part in sharing that.

“We have a new Board of Directors. I had planned to introduce them all tonight but half of them are not even here. The new member of our Board who is here is Semi. Taking over as our treasurer, she’ll be working with Bill for a few months, so that we get a nice, smooth changeover in that important role.”

“At the next Board meeting, on July 20th, I’m going to pro- pose a restructuring of the Board. I want to change the format of the meetings a bit. We have one evening meeting per month now. It has been suggested that we have two evening meetings. Because it’s a big change, with some members for it and some opposed, I will be calling every member and ask if they prefer a lunchtime meeting or an evening meeting. Then whatever the majority prefers, that’s what I’ll put to the Board. The Board can then discuss it and decide whether we stay as we are now with an evening meeting on the first Tuesday of the month and the rest lunchtime meetings, or whether we’re going to make a change.”

“I don’t foresee any change happening until after the summer months, what with so many people on vacation and travelling.”

“I also want to get us more involved at the district level. I know Knud is very involved at the district level with his work on International. I have had just a taste of Rotary at the district level and I’d like to see more members of the club go to the District Conference at the end of September and to the District Training Assembly next spring. I’m going to produce a monthly calendar that will include not just events of our club but district events as well. For example, there are four District Inter- national Service meetings every year. It would be nice if four members of our International Service Committee would each go to one. The next one will be on Saturday, August 26th. You will learn more about Rotary by going to district level meetings than you can learn by confining your Rotary activity to the local level. You get to meet people just like you but from a different club, so they will bring a new perspective to your encounters with them—share ideas, get an insight into things you would never have thought of by yourself.”

“I also want to look into a strategic plan for our club. This is an idea that Cameron suggested. Have we ever had a strategic plan in this club, does anyone know?”

Bill commented that we tried to develop a five-year stra- tegic plan many years ago, but found it difficult to carry the specific objectives over from year to year.

“Perhaps we can have better luck if we develop a strategic plan for just one year and update it every year,” Helen said.

“I’m also a person who likes to recognize the work of other people. There are many people in this club who do exceptional work in all kinds of different areas. So, on the first Tuesday of each month, at the evening meeting, I want to introduce an award called ‘Rotarian-of-the-Month.’ I’m going to recognize someone in the club for their exceptional performance.”

“So, I’m looking forward to an exciting year. I’m pretty moti- vated myself but I’m also looking for new and fresh ideas as we all look forward to another successful Rotary year.”

Annual Charity Auction

Our 9th Annual Charity Auction took place on Friday 2nd June 2017 at the Holiday Inn (Pointe-Claire). The members of the Rotary Club of Montreal-Lakeshore wish to thank everyone who helped to make this event a success!

La Corde Youth Centre

La Corde Youth Centre
27th January 2017

Pastor Asmick Jean-Jacques (youth centre director) with the children waiting for lunch:

Rosie and Deniz with some very happy children: