Fun And Friendship

Club Members Maureen and Lawrence carried out a Fun and Friendship afternoon recently to raise money for much needed new bedding for the two homes for the disabled run by the Cheshire Foundation.

Over $1,000 was raised by this wonderful, fun-filled event held on the Cantrills’ lawn, large enough to accommodate two tents to shade us from the searing sun, while affording plenty of green space for a lively game of croquet.

It was, some would say, a very British feast, featuring “chip butties,” sandwiches of home-fried potatoes between buttered slices of white bread. It also boasted a table full of desserts, from scones and rhubarb crumble to strawberry pie and everything in between. Homemade red and white wine was also provided by Club Member Kelly-Anne Frendo. We were dieting all week but it was worth it!

Almost every member was there, with their families. Even Luc Frendo, the four-year-old son of Kelly-Anne and Darren, emptied his piggy bank for the cause. This kind of unselfishness was typical of the attendees and it brought Maureen near to tears as she thanked everyone for their generosity as the party drew to a close.

The Rotary Club of Montreal-Lakeshore would like to thank Maureen and Lawrence for the time and effort that went into this fun-filled event.