The Lakeshorian

The Lakeshorian is a weekly bulletin that details each meeting’s activities, discussions and decisions, celebrates member/spouse birthdays and anniversaries and also promotes upcoming events. It was started by Reed Barnes, a charter member of the club in the early 60’s and was originally printed and photocopied for members only.

In the late 1980’s, William Hodges took production of the bulletin, and later began to distribute a digital copy for the good of our environment. His detailed recordings and photos of each meeting’s activities certainly make the Lakeshorian an informative read.

The Lakeshorian is distributed to over 100 readers – including members, past and present district leaders, local MP Francis Scarpaleggia and other visitors/speakers from around the world.┬áIt is e-mailed in PDF format (although a printed copy is also available if required) and is the perfect way for absent members and supporters of the Club to keep up-to-date with our events and activities.

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