We are active within the community providing much needed help to organizations and individuals directly or through our charitable foundation ROTAIDE.  Moreover we promote excellence in our youth by offering several scholarships and similar involvement:

  • Our aging West-Island community was in dire need for a palliative care center. Now that it is built, our contributions to the West Island Palliative Care Residence continue.  We are proud to help the WIPCR provide the very essential service it is giving to west-islanders. We also donated a beautiful Gazebo where patients and their family can enjoy a comfortable outdoor interlude.
  • What happens to abused wives and children? What can they do to escape a potentially lethal relationship? The West-Island Women’s Shelter provides a safe haven that allows these women and their children a shelter, support and therapy to get over their dependence on an abusive partner. We support their efforts by our contributions.
  • Christmas is the best time of the year for some, but not for everyone. Some go hungry or are depressed because they cannot provide for their family what everybody else is enjoying. While we cannot solve this problem for all needy families, we try to provide, to as many families as we can, a well garnished Christmas basket. Frankly, we are rewarded with huge smiles and expressions of happiness and relief that make our own Christmas more enjoyable. We recently started the Christmas Ham fundraising to help the W.I. Community.
  • We contribute to the support of NOVA West Island (formerly, Victorian Order of Nurses) who provide much needed help to an aging community in the form of palliative care and assisted living.
  • Annually we hold a blood drive, offering hands-on assistance to help Héma-Québec in their blood donor clinics for the residents of Kirkland.
  • We regularly visit the Denis-Benjamin-Viger Residence in order to make contributions and spend time with the residents.
  • Over the years we are also proud to contribute to the following causes:
    • Cheshire Foundation Québec – two adapted home for physically disabled adults
    • Sun Youth
    • Old Brewery Mission
    • Denis-Benjamin-Viger Residence
    • Chez Doris
    • Jeunesse Sans Limite La Corde

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