The Magic of a Rotary International Service Project

For many years our Rotary club has been involved in international service projects in developing countries.

A project usually begins with a request from an overseas Rotary club, channeled via The Rotary Foundation or our Rotary District 7040, or it may come directly from clubs with which we have previously been working. Based on certain criteria, financial assistance can be obtained from The Rotary Foundation and our district, frequently more than tripling the total funding! Several clubs and districts can also work together on major projects, sometimes worth several hundred thousands of dollars.

Some of our club’s completed projects include:

  • in Kenya, a village pump and storage tank, a school library and a community centre called a banda, complete with audio/visual teaching facilities;
  • in Paraguay, the supply of medicine for the poorest, including medication for indigent kids with leukemia;
  • in Swaziland, equipping nine small village schools with potable water wells and vegetable gardens. These special schools are for AIDS orphans without access to the public school system;
  • in Uganda, medical and hospital equipment for a maternity clinic, including an ambulance;
  • in Burundi, toilet facilities for a school of 300 student, and solar panels for a health care clinic in a village with no other source of electrical power;
  • in Madagascar, a potable water project with seven wells, providing safe water for around 3,000 persons and students;
  • and, most recently, in Bénin, medical equipment, including pediatric surgical equipment for a maternity hospital in Cotonou. The hospital has a fully qualified surgeon, but had no funds to buy equipment for an operating room. Previously, they had to send patients abroad for surgery.

New projects, currently in progress, include a co-op poultry farm in Burundi, a potable water project for four schools and a country clinic in Swaziland, and 30 water stations in two major cities in Madagascar,  to make safe water available to more than 20,000 of the poorest of its citizens.

Much of the success of Rotary’s international service projects is made possible because Rotary clubs  exist worldwide, even in developing countries. Local Rotarians ensure efficiency and care in the   management of funds, as well as sustainability checks and a tight reporting system.Rotary's Six Areas-of-Focus

Rotary’s international projects focus on six areas of fundamental need where Rotarians can help improve the quality of life for people in developing countries.

Beyond that Rotary International organizes major spontaneous efforts in the event of disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes.

Above all, Rotarians around the world are united in an international effort to eradicate Polio from our planet!

A lot of ‘Magic’ ….. “hands-on Magic”!

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