Rotary is very sensitive to the needs of our youth. While the West-Island community is generally affluent, that is not always the case in some neighborhoods.

  • We recognize the importance of communication skills to a successful career and so every year we hold a public speaking contest, in memory of one of our Past Presidents, Allan Liddiard. This contest promotes excellence in public speaking as well as academic achievements. Prizes are scholarships for further academic study.
  • World Understanding and peace, a main tenet of Rotary, is promoted by our Youth
    Exchange program. We sponsor West-Island students to go and live and study abroad for a year and on the receiving end we host a student from abroad to come live and study here with us. Lately we had students from Germany and Italy sent students to Brazil and currently China.
  • We founded an INTERACT club in W.I.C. (West-Island College) for High School Students and a ROTARACT club for  CEGEP and University students in College Brébeuf.  We never envisaged such a great success and such a great enthusiasm from such students. In its first year the West-Island College Interact Club managed to undertake many projects for the benefit of the W.I. community such as bike collection marathon, toy collection, Christmas party, Doughnut drive and so many other projects. We expect them to continue to be a beacon of hope and a model for today’s youth. Please visit their web-site: . They have also undertaken several international projects.
  • In CEGEP the students pay for their books, some of which can be very expensive, especially the technical manuals. One of our members spearheaded a John Abbott Book Fund, through our yearly contributions John Abbott College purchases the books for the use of the needy students.
  • We are also proud to sponsor and contribute to the following youth projects:

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