Join Us

If you care about future generations;

  • · If you feel that you would like to pay back to your West-Island community.
  • · If you feel comfortable meeting other like-minded people that care;
  • · If you think you have something to offer;

Then you are a potential Rotarian.

The best way to go about it is to get in touch with our Membership Chairman Maureen Cantrill at or (450) 452-0782 and arrange to come to a few of our meetings and see if you like us and if we like you (don’t worry, we will), when you are sure you would like to join us, you let us know.  

The new members’ admission procedures are as follows:

  1. A member sponsors a candidate;
  2. The candidate attends a few meetings (at least 3-5) so that the board and members at large can meet the candidate;
  3. The candidate helps the sponsor to fill the application;
  4. The application is presented to the board;
  5. The board approves the application and document it in board meeting minutes;
  6. The candidate’s info are published for at least a week so membership at large can voice comments or objections;
  7. If no objection or negative feedback from membership, Candidate is informed of successful application;  and date of     induction;
  8. Candidate is inducted and becomes a full paying member;
  9. Member is registered with RI and added and given access to the club’s roster;
  10. Member is a full member with all that means.